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Baby thinks Uncle B’s beard is his mama.

It’s been a week yesterday, and he’s just starting to kitten up. He did nothing but eat, sleep, purr and poop nuclear waste for a week. We think, being the runt in a household of ten cats (did I mention this?), he was chronically malnourished. Oh, they clearly loved their animals well enough, but it was a small flat and a lot of competition.

Now he’s getting bigger by the day, he’s developed the strength to run up and down the bed like a nutcase and ruin sleep. The three of us had a pretty broken night, and the two of us that should have remembered totally forgot an early morning appointment to have the boiler cleaned. There was a hammering on the door in the wee hours and I somehow managed to throw open the front door wearing my jeans inside-out, white pockets waving jauntily.

Yep, I was all tee’d up to post about the shutdown. But frankly, you guys read the same web sites I do and I didn’t have anything original to add.

Except, maybe — thank you, O Lord, for the ham-fisted incompetence of mine enemies.

October 2, 2013 — 11:01 pm
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