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Uncle B had to go into London for some tiresome bidness thingie, so this is pretty much what it looks like at Badger Acres today.

The original is not my .gif — it’s something I loved and snagged off the internet a thousand years ago — but I spent a good hour squeezing it and tweaking it and getting weasel all over it (the eye twitch at frame 35 is mine). The current iteration of Photoshop has some much improved animated .gif tools and I’m just getting around to playing with them. I could swear they weren’t there a few months ago, so it must have been a silent update.

I’ll be thrilled if they’re still updating this thing. Adobe is trying so damned hard to get me on the cloud version of P’shop.

Right. And now I think it’s naked videogame and potato chip time. Good weekend, folks!

October 4, 2013 — 5:46 pm
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