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Look at that little face. LOOK AT IT!!!

How could anything so tiny and sweet produce such giant squishy radioactive turds five+ times a day? AND he’s starting to drop them in bad places, mostly under the wood stove, where they melt holes in brick.

We’re convinced he was pretty malnourished when he came to us. The home he came from was loving enough, but he was the smallest of ten cats in a small flat with nothing but cheap dry food and lots of competition.

For the first week, he did nothing but eat and sleep and poop and look adorable.

Week two: swashbuckling hell cat! Well, okay, ordinary rambunctious kitten. I’m delighted to see it, for all he’s a pain in the ass sometimes. It’s much more normal. And it’s all a tribute to my strategy of shoving high-quality calories in his little gob at every opportunity.

That probably explains the turds, though.

October 16, 2013 — 9:03 pm
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