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Something something henge

We drive past this stone circle occasionally. It’s in a roadside field sandwiched between an old church and a fake farm shop (farm shops are all the rage at the moment, so the area is filling up with “farm shops”).

This ancient monument was built approximately two to four years ago. I suddenly noticed it when we drove past a couple of years back, but it’s only recently appeared on Google maps. Google’s satellite updates have about a five year latency, I’ve noticed.

This guy’s Flickr shows it much better.

Not sure what we’re looking at, but I’d bet hippies are responsible.

November 21, 2013 — 11:53 pm
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See ya in the morning

Ulp. Think I caught a bug. Nothing serious, but I feel a little rough and I’m going to trundle off to bed with Norman Rockwell (I’ve just started his autobiography and I’m really enjoying it).

Don’t Impeach Obama without me now, y’hear?

— 12:04 am
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