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Carl wins the dick with Ariel Sharon! I gotta run, but I wanted to point that out.

So, back here. Friday. 6 sharp WBT.

Dead Pool Round 58!

January 11, 2014 — 1:52 pm
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Yep, still phoning it in

I went to lunch with the neighbors today (Uncle B couldn’t come; he had too much work) and those wiley old coots drank me under the table. Why am I always the youngest person in my cohort?

Man, those old wrinklies can put it away!

Anyway, my hostess’ sheep were just back from the Winter pasture, so here’s a painting of a ewe I did a long time ago. I don’t know if they always moved sheep around all year (you’d have to think in the days before truck transport it would be a real chore), but they all do it here.

Good weekend, everyone!

— 12:00 am
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