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If it looks like we got double fangage going on up there, it’s because we do. That big one is shoving aside the little one in front (or the other way around; I’m not sure). Kitteh is teething.

At around four months of age, the permanent incisors will start to come through and when the kitten is around 6 months of age the adult canines will come through. From eight months on, the premolars and molars will start to emerge.

What’s that you say? Several more months of this grumpy thumb-chewing fangasaurus?

January 21, 2014 — 11:38 pm
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Happy MILK day!

Oh, man, I love a glass of sweet, cold whole milk. It’s those milk-drinking Viking genes.

This is one of my happiest indulgences. All of the major supermarkets carry a premium brand of Jersey or Guernsey whole milk. Channel Island milk, as I’m sure you know, has more of everything that makes milk awesome. It’s golden yellow with butterfat!

Butterfat. God, that word.

It’s the breed of cow, so they say, rather than the conditions that makes Jersey or Guernsey milk, but I like the idea mine comes from little storm-lashed islands off the coast.

When I was a lass, our family cow was a Jersey, and she gave fine, sweet milk. We usually let her go dry after her calves weaned, but when we did milk her, it was awkward to talk about it:
her name was Mother.

— 12:36 am
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