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PICTURED: Rudely shaped carrot grown in allotment in Lower Belvedere

Actual headline. For the blind, this helpful description is provided:

It bears a resemblance to two human legs, with a growth between them that leaves little to the imagination.

It leaves everything to the imagination. It’s a flipping carrot.

Also discussed, a strawberry shaped like a penis and a carrot shaped like a foot that “caused a social media sensation.”

This isn’t the Sheep Testicle Gazette out here in the ass-end of nowhere. That’s a London paper that somehow found room for this snuggled between the muggings and burglaries.

A hard people to understand, at times.

Anyway, I broke my good camera this Summer, so Uncle B loaned me his one and I’ve now broken that too. Down-twinkles. I’m cameraless. That leaves me at the mercy of any old rude vegetable I can dig up until I buy a new one.

March 16, 2015 — 10:24 pm
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