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Ook ook

Welp, there it is. My DNA results are just now dribbling in (it’ll be a few days before I have everything), but that’s the number I was waiting for. A bit below the European average of 2.7%, actually. Kind of disappointed. I’ve seen it reported as high as 3.5% in the genetic forums and I was hoping to be Neanderthal as hell.

Other than this, I only have my raw data. But that’s cool — you can take the raw data and upload it to tons of third party analyst programs — places like Nutrahacker, GEDmatch and Promethease — and they’ll sift it for all sorts of shit.

A lot of the results are very weak correlations (a 1.2-fold increase in the likelihood of somethingorother) and very preliminary connections, but they’re updating what they know all the time, so your results are fluid. It’s exciting.

They absolutely nailed the things I already know — eye color, hair color, skin color, high blood pressure, psoriasis. Male pattern baldness (sorry, bro). Many of the things I worried about don’t look as bad as I feared.

More ancestry analysis comes next. I’ll keep you posted.

March 31, 2015 — 9:44 pm
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