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And here he is transitioning to a delicious snack

Bruce Jenner reimagined as a Rice Krispies treat courtesy of Mister Krisp, who apparently does this sort of thing. He takes commissions.

I wasn’t going to do a Bruce Jenner thread. I find it grubby and sad. I’m all for giving the man some privacy to work through his…

Wait, what? The cover of Vanity Fair?

Well, shoot. Even then, I didn’t want to touch it until I was ‘invited’ to celebrate it — I said Celebrate. It. — by everybody from Rick Santorum to HotAir.


So, twelve hours of facial surgery, hormone treatment, the Vanity Fair hair and makeup team, celebrity photog Annie Leibovitz, and it still took a fuck-ton of Photoshopping to make him look…really creepy and wrong.

Oh, well. Let’s talk about Annie Leibovitz’ growing reputation for bad Photoshop.

June 2, 2015 — 4:05 pm
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