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here they come…


This is what our news looks like every night: drone shots of lorries being swarmed by migrants (they pry open the back doors and fling out any goods that get in their way). News shots of migrants pouring off of boats. Many head for Britain because our benefits system is sweet.

The thing today in Calais started as a strike by French transportation workers, who set huge tire fires across the road (they’re striking in part because they’re sick of dealing with migrants). That gave the migrants quite an easy opening.

The authorities in Calais are pissed that they’re getting stuck with this mess (they’ve proposed moving the border between France and England onto English soil!), so they don’t stay up nights worrying about how many get through. There’s a farmer in quite the middle of the country just rounding them up in handsful as the trucks drop them off.

Down where we are, on the South coast, folks are accustomed to hopping across the Channel casually and often. They’re used to goods and custom coming through the tunnel to us. This pinched today.

More to the point, these pictures are freaking everyone out.

June 23, 2015 — 9:03 pm
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