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No time to explain. Cupcakes.


So this is a picture of cupcakes I stole off the internet.

Our village fête is this weekend, and we always contribute cupcakes. It’s a joint effort. Uncle B is a better baker than I am, but cupcakes are my native cuisine. It’s always *much* more drama than expected and we usually find ourselves frosting the little bastards in the wee small hours.

They don’t end up looking like this.

The first year, it was three in the morning when we made up the buttercreme and I’d had a snootful of spiritous liquors and I slipped with the food coloring, making three dozen cupcakes of such toxic pinkness I have never yet lived it down.

In my defense, we sold out of them.

So, anyway…gotta run. Timer just went.

August 6, 2015 — 8:42 pm
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