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Overalls, Sussex style




Last post from the country fair. We found this guy wandering around in his grandpappy’s nightshirt.

Just kidding! This is the uniform farmers wore here from about the 18th C, well into the 20th. And it’s not dissimilar to what Medieval peasant wore, so…since forever, really.

This was the inspiration for the smock tops girls wore in the Seventies. If you don’t remember that, perhaps you weren’t a girl in the Seventies.

There is, not surprisingly, a whole study of these things…regional designs, embroidery, fabric, colors. Here is a nice post about it from Lincolnshire.

This fellow told us this smock was his great-grandfather’s. Not really visible here, he’s also wearing a boffo pair of leather gaiters that were his grandfather’s. The rest of the costume is spot on, also.

Not much like the good ol’ boys I remember (though that expression started here, don’tcha know).

Good weekend, y’all!





August 14, 2015 — 8:54 pm
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