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Bad things happen when you fall asleep in public


I didn’t sleep well last night, for some unknown reason. So, while Uncle B went into Tesco’s for a few things, I decided to snooze in the car.

Bad idea. Left on his own to shop, Uncle B bought me a treat. Or, rather, a ‘treat.’ Viz., a box of Twinkies. Taste of home and all that.

I gather the cashier hadn’t seen such a thing before, and she and Uncle B took turns poking it with a stick.

And no wonder — look at the ingredients. All the things marked with an asterisk are genetically modified. I count six. Now, I’m not constitutionally averse to GMO’s, but I have to wonder why anyone would need to tinker with the genetic code for glucose syrup.

Tasted nasty. More that the texture was nasty. Kind of excessively springy. And either I’ve grown to gigantic proportions, or these things are about a third the size they used to be.

But I’m sure…I’m sure if they made Suzy Q‘s again, they’d be just how I remember.

September 15, 2015 — 8:46 pm
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