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Speak to me, Puff!


Wow. I hope this is just an art fail, because it looks for all the world like a dishful of decapitated cat’s head with ornamental greenery growing out his ears. If I’m reading the credits right, it’s from the Sforza Book of Hours, circa 1490.

I’m leafing through old Books of Hours because I got it in my thick head I’d like to have a Tudor housewife’s costume. You know, like the first lady of Badger House.

She would probably have been the wife of a prosperous peasant farmer, possibly the overseer of a rich man’s farm. Sheep, probably. Like this lady. Or this lady (in the background, slopping the hogs).

So, a kirtle, an apron and a wimple ought to do it.

Now, all I got to do is learn how to sew.

Damn. I knew there was a flaw in my plan. I can’t sew for shit.

November 9, 2015 — 9:22 pm
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