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Behold, my favorite ever mouse — the MS Trackball. Look at the price. Look at it! That’s not a P’shop. They actually cost that now, on account of MS isn’t making them any more.

The closest thing still in production is the Logitech cordless, which isn’t bad. It’s no Microsoft, but it isn’t bad, but even this one has edged up to £50. I’m not sure why these are so rare. People who love them (like moi) really hate to use anything else. That’s what you call a ready market.

What happens to them, after many hundreds of hours of happy mousing, the three little ball bearings that hold the ball suspended go flat on one side, at which point the traction gets gummy. I kept all the old dead ones, of course. Some day, I might get desperate enough to try replacing those little ball bearings, but by god the tolerances would have to be close.

For now, though, I have broken down and broken out my last backup Logitech mouse, after the last one became intolerable. The occasion? Bundle Stars sold me the whole Quake series for, like, five quid.

I know what I’m doing this weekend. Happy frags, y’all!

December 4, 2015 — 10:24 pm
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