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In case you missed it…


Down in the sleigh ride thread, I pointed to this charming story: Sweden, asked to take in the highest per-capita number of refugees, has had to stuff six hundred of the buggers into an empty ski resort in the far North of Lapland. This time of year, the temp is 14°F and the sun never shines. Like, ever.

All the stories about it obviously derive from the same source story (this particular one is from the National Post of Canada). I strongly suspect the whining has been dialed down several notches. Also LOL at the one refugee who worries this will queer his hopes of studying physics at university. That right there encapsulates the hopes and dreams of migrants everywhere, I’m sure.

The weather here, meanwhile. Well. Horrifying pictures coming from the North, and now the West. Our little sunny corner of the motherland is the only part of the country to escape, though we’ve had wind and rain and unseasonable warmth aplenty.

And wind from odd quarters, which means leaks in odd places.

That looks like something that should be cross-stitched on a sampler.

December 30, 2015 — 10:41 pm
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