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It’s Tuesday! It’s Tuesday! Said nobody, ever.

Poor Tuesday. It really is like the middle child in the Days of the Week family. There aren’t even any jokes about it.

I really do have a banjo named Lucy. It’s a sweet little Bay State banjo (yeah, they made banjos in Boston in them days).

Of course, I have ten other banjos, as well. I didn’t name the others, except that one I showed you. The one I call the Lurve Banjo.

Incidentally, I have cleaned that one up and put it back together again and it’s a fun little banjo. Getting some fret buzz because there’s a split in the head and the bridge is riding too low (and because the frets aren’t proper instrument frets but square bits of wire). I’ll have to order a goatskin for it.

It seems like a goatskin kind of ‘jo to me.






May 3, 2016 — 5:00 pm
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