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Lookit this thing! It’ll take video at 1920×1080 by 30 frames a second — broadcast quality, bitchez! — and it’ll do it for 70 minutes on one battery charge. It’s got a 170° wide angle FOV. It’ll record timelapse. It’ll run off USB (dash cam, anyone?). It can be set to motion-activate.

It’s got wifi, so you can drive it with your phone and it’ll send live video back in real-time. The, ummm…invasion of privacy possibilities are staggering.

This one is basically a clone of the GoPro Hero 4 (some speculate it might even be made in the same factory), but you pay about four times more for the GoPro name. Yeah, that’s the one everyone is attaching to drones. The BBC is lousy with drone footage these days.

But enough of the aerial footage porn. You know what I’m thinking — CHIKKEN CAM!

May 10, 2016 — 8:20 pm
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