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Pen porn


The 1670 Inks collection celebrates the life and adventures of J. Herbin, a famous French sailor.

On his travels, J. Herbin gathered formulas for inks and sealing waxes. The inks in this collection pay homage to this history.

Each bottle contains 50ml of finest quality Herbin ink in colours only available in this collection, and include tiny flecks of gold; whilst these give another dimension to the ink and to your writing, we recommend that you don’t leave this ink unused in a pen for a prolonged period of time. The gold flakes do make it an ink that deserves extra care.

When writing with Stormy Grey ink, you’ll notice that the ink will go down a deep grey colour and dry to a slightly lighter grey with an intense gold sheen. The gold sheen tends to linger at the centre of your writing, taking on a grey shadow effect.

The Ocean Blue and Rouge Hematite inks seem to give a more consistent sheen of gold all through your writing, adding a little sparkle to what’s usually more conservative colours.

New colour for 2016, Caroube de Chypre is a deep golden brown colour, with a green sheen when laid down very heavily, and a warm gold sparkle.

£14.59 a bottle, if you please.

I’m sure I must have mentioned Cult Pens before. Their monthly newsletter is chock full of pen porn.

I don’t go in for super expensive fountain pens. I have a nasty habit of performing life-altering surgery on my pens (generally by grinding the balls off (!)). This doesn’t always work out so good, so I can’t afford to experiment on the best. But they have really good cheap pens, too. And all kinds of unusual things.

Like Herbin, the guys who make the hoity-toity ink above also do handmade, all glass dipping pens. Nib, barrel, the lot.

Here it is plain, spiral and marbleized. They sure are purty, but. I dunno. Does this sound like it would work to you?

You sharpen them with sandpaper.

November 30, 2016 — 10:06 pm
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