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Heyyyy, that’s not Santa!


Noooo, it’s Geralt of Rivia cosplay. There’s a calendar. It promises to be NSFW. German dude is a full-time professional cosplayer. He’s super well suited to playing Geralt, but I think he’d struggle a little with Hello Kitty.

Oh, that star-shaped scar is on the wrong side. Funny thing to get wrong, Herr Professional. Nope, he’s right. Oops!

Did you see MTV’s vile racist “White Guy Resolutions for 2017” video today? They must’ve gotten some stick for it because they’ve taken it down already. Happily Reason magazine saved you a copy (be warned: Nick Gillespie does a bit of libertarian pearl-clutching in the accompanying article).

I also have something to say to white guys for 2017. Big, big fan of your work. Thanks for everything you do.

December 20, 2016 — 7:42 pm
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