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What the hell, 2016?


Well, I’ll be damned. New Dead Pool. At least I’m not on the hook for George Michael.

Third(?) win for weaselwannabe, I think. A reminder to all winners of dick: even if you’ve won before, I need a confirmation of your address (and the nick it goes with) please. I am, in fact, starting to work down the backlog again.

The image is from Gustave Doré, one of my absolute favorite illustrators from childhood. Why someone would give a little girl an illustrated Dante’s Inferno is the question. “Weasel family” is the answer.

There’s always been a niggling doubt in my mind whether the magic of his illustrations should actually be credited to the engraver instead.

So. New Dead Pool Friday. After which, you realize, 2016 will have almost 30 hours to squeeze one more winner in.

December 27, 2016 — 9:57 pm
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