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Muh hat!


This is a thing that I ordered from Canada that came today!

The tail is raccoon, the hat itself is rabbit. I’d’ve splashed out the extra money for an all-raccoon hat, but it looks all wrong. It’s way too big and puffy for a coonskin cap. Stupid Canucks.

I admit, the ones with the faces on are cool. The fox, the coyote (it has legs!). Ooooo…and the skunk! Are those glass eyes I see? Honestly, though, I think you have to be Jeremiah Man-Mountain to pull off one of those. The hat model looks mighty silly in ’em.

In defense of my sartorial choices, I was born 20 miles from Crockett Tavern.

Hm. I think this thing is shedding. Is rabbit fur supposed to do that?

December 5, 2017 — 7:49 pm
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