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D’awwww…you get the most adorable results when you Google Image Search “sleepy weasel.” Though most of ’em are ferrets.

Puts me in mind of the time I ran across a ferret rescue at a village fete and squeee’d, “Squee! Weasels!” and the owner replied, “Madame, that is not a weasel. It is a ferret.”

One thing I have learned living here: I probably am not going to like any statement that begins with “Madame…”

Or “Muddum…” as they say. It don’t suit me. It don’t suit me at all.

Innyhoo! Today got away from me somehow and I don’t have anything interesting report, so I’m off to bed, frightfully early. See you in the ante meridiem.

May 22, 2018 — 9:25 pm
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