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My face when…




…I realize I’m following a Twitter account called @whoresofyore. And using my own @realname account, too. Why?

Sorry. Still chasing deadlines this week. I swore I wouldn’t fall back into ‘chasing deadlines’ mode after I left my corporate gig, but once people find out you own a copy of Photoshop and you know how to drive it, your fate is sealed.

Oh, yeah…I assumed ‘carll’ is ‘carl’, and I further assume he has won another Dead Pool. Oh, carl, carll, carlllll. You’re going to make me dream up a ‘carl’s rule’, aren’t you?

Now would be a really excellent time for Rich Rostrom to chime in with one of his meticulous spreadsheets of historic Dick Winners. 




June 18, 2018 — 10:23 pm
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