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Just like one of my girls

This here’s a Caudipterix. It’s a peacock-sized dinosaur that lived about 125 million years ago. It could run real good, but it couldn’t fly. Don’t it just look like a chicken?

They’re using a robot recreation of this bird to help answer the central mystery of early flight: did they glide or did they flap? Because apparently he flapped. He didn’t fly, but he (probably) involuntarily flapped as he ran which they think might have eventually led to bursts of flight.

I bet that scared the hell out of the first Caudipterix to achieve liftoff. Article about it here.

Day Two of Weasel’s Birthmonth, and my last working day for a few. It’s a long weekend here, so I took Friday and Tuesday to make myself a very long weekend. I’ll be around, but probably stupid hungover.

May 2, 2019 — 7:59 pm
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