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Just another word for ‘bodged’.

I bought a pen refill when I bought the micropen because I thought it might be hard to get ahold of one (turns out it’s not). I took an old ratty bamboo paint brush, wrapped a little strip of masking tape around both ends, and jammed that sucker in the hollow end of the bamboo.

Yes, I own a roll of black masking tape. I’m classy like that.

Works a treat. I’ll keep the tiny one for a travel sketchbook or something.

And with that, I go dark for the night. Over the weekend, I heard a pop and a zizz and a quarter of my fancy gaming monitor went dark. To their credit, Iiyama has been awesome about it. They originally scheduled the replacement for today, but I begged off because I had too much on. So tomorrow, they’re delivering me a nice new monitor.

Here’s the catch: I have to take the new monitor out of the box and put the old one in it to send back, no doubt while the driver stands over me and taps his foot. So I’m’a break it all down right now and have it ready to go.

See you tomorrow. You’re going to look 25% brighter, at least along the righthand edge.

August 5, 2019 — 8:18 pm
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