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And your little dog, too!

A lady who makes things out of wheat sheaves sold us this. She said it was a ‘kitchen witch’ — a good luck symbol.

Turns out, she weren’t lying:

In England

Although largely unknown in modern England, the Kitchen Witch was known in England during Tudor times.

The will of John Crudgington, from Newton, Worfield, Shropshire in England, dated 1599, divides his belongings amongst his wife and three children, “except the cubbard in the halle the witche in the kytchyn which I gyve and bequeathe to Roger my sonne.”

So it’s period for the house. I’ll let you know if I stop dropping cans of soup on my toe or cutting myself.

Nota bene: yes! New Dead Pool today, 6WBT. Sorry about Mugabe, y’all. I mean, not sorry, obviously.

September 5, 2019 — 8:23 pm
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