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Today we rode the steam train!

We hadn’t been to a heritage railway line in several years, the regular season is almost over, and weekdays when the kids are in school is the bestest time. Uncle B will probably murder me if I mention there was also a senior discount today.

You still get whole carriage-loads of special needs people, today as in most times we’ve visited. I don’t know if they get a discount or if it’s just a thing they particularly love to do, but you need to put a little gentle distance between yourself and the happy car.

I saw a whole field full of lady pheasants and then, two fields later, a whole field full of gentleman pheasants. I felt like leaning out of the carriage and shouting, “hey, boys…?” The were fields of moo and baa and lots more interesting birds and a bit of a castle.

You can still get on a train in the countryside and travel for an hour without seeing a giant housing project. That is unusual. They are doing a heartbreaking amount of construction in our area, on a scale and of a quality that is nothing short of vandalism. All to accommodate refugees.

And by ‘refugees’ I mean English people fleeing the cities.

But enough of that! It looks like Timothy McCorkle won the Dead Pool (Timothy. Dude. Email me at stoaty@sweasel.com – don’t put your address in a comment!). I never heard of Sid Haig, but it looks like he was in a bunch of stuff. You know what that means! Back here, tomorrow, Dead Pool Round 127.

September 26, 2019 — 5:59 pm
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