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And he never said why…

It’s in the Plaza Vieja (Old Square) in Havana. It’s a sculpture of a woman, nude but for stiletto heels, riding a giant rooster with a giant fork slung over her shoulder. The title is Viaje Fantástico (Fantastic Voyage) and the artist is Roberto Fabelo.

Perhaps it’s an homage to prostitution. Perhaps it’s a giant rude pun. I couldn’t say. He certainly didn’t. Who knew commies could be so playful and enigmatic?

Do follow the link and have a look at it from other angles. It’s a seriously good bit of modelling work (look at that left hand).

I follow a number of figurative sculptors on FB and elsewhere. It heartening how many of them are genuinely good. There was a time I thought representational art was dead.

It’s not. It’s weird, but it’s not dead.

September 30, 2019 — 8:47 pm
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