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Happy Brexit Day, errbody!




This is a bottle of proper British sparkling wine. The vinyard isn’t far from us. Like many of the best English wines, it’s been winning international blind taste tests, which really pisses off the French. So, perfect.

It’s going to take a year at least to work out various trade and travel agreements with Europe, and everyone assumes Boris will sell us down the river in the end. He’s very much a member of the ruling class, after all, and probably a Remainer in his secret heart.

Nonetheless, it is a Very Big Day, Not To Be Ignored.

I think I managed to dissuade Uncle B from setting off a rocket at 11 (midnight in Germany, the official Brexit). He wanted to aim it over the house of our neighbor who took to her bed for a week after the results of the referendum were announced.

Geez, dude, she’s insufferable enough as it is!

Oh, and we got our first two confirmed Coronavirus cases today.Have a good weekend, everyone.





January 31, 2020 — 6:36 pm
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