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I’m sulking

It hammered with rain today. It hammered on me as I biked in to work. It hammered on me as I biked home. It hammered on me when I fed the chooks. It hammered on me when I put the chooks to bed.

It isn’t muddy by the chicken run today, it’s a standing pool of water an inch deep. The barley straw in their houses seems to pull moisture from the air and every day I’m grabbing wads of dripping, shit-covered straw and replacing it with dry. I have special gloves for this.

I was in the vilest of moods when I finally got home and dry. That is all.

Image stolen from the home screen of Rainy Mood, my favorite online white noise maker.

Virus update: We had our first coronavirus death today. All we know is it was someone with other health problems. The UK has tested about 13,500 for the virus and found just over a hundred cases. The US, as far as we know, has tested about 500 people and found 200 cases. Whenever they get their shit together and start mass testing, I think you’re in for a rude surprise (though if they’re only testing people they strongly suspect, the proportion is bound to be high).

March 5, 2020 — 9:33 pm
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