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Silent but Deadly

For ‘diarrheic gases’ read ‘farts’ throughout. We’re DOOOOOOOOMED!

I gather China is having a shitfit about people calling it the Wuhan flu. That’s racist, apparently. US media being what it is, they’d taken up the cry. A reminder of other geographic illnesses:

Spanish flu
German measles
West Nile virus
Guinea worm
Zika virus
Rock Mountain Spotted Fever
Lyme Disease

Spanish flu is particularly unfair. They were about the last country in Europe to get it but, not being part of WWI, they were the free to report about it so that’s the first most people heard of it.

Britain’s reaction to the flu is seriously not good (and is unique in the world, I believe). The plan is: old and vulnerable people go home and stay there for the foreseeable, and everybody else carries on, gets a dose of the flu and the country swiftly develops herd immunity. Even if there were not persistent reports of re-infection (so, no immunity), the likelihood is this will overwhelm the NHS in no time.

I have a feeling they will change that plan shortly.

Have a good weekend, everyone, and keep washing those hands.

March 13, 2020 — 9:18 pm
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