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The chart above is from Watts Up with That crunching some surprising data from the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

The ship was a perfect lab experiment: 696 people sealed up together in a confined space with a highly contagious bug. And, as we all know, all seven fatalities were oldies.

But the article points to other surprising data: 83% didn’t get the virus at all. Old people were no more likely to get it than any other age group. Almost half those who got it showed no symptoms and, again, old people were well represented in this group (oddly, ages 20 to 49 were least likely to have symptomless corona).

And from another article:

…approximately 95% of the Wuhan population remained uninfected by the virus at the end of January…

I don’t suppose I’d call the above good news, exactly, but it’s better that the “80% of us will get it” stuff I’ve been hearing today.

Oh, and happy St Patrick’s Day!

March 17, 2020 — 8:44 pm
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