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Welp, that’s me done

photo DerHHO

Laid off and locked down. Whuff!

Earlier today, I was talking to coffee houses and shops in town who were determined to stay open as long as they could. That turned out to be another four or five hours. Boris’ briefing this afternoon pulled the plug on us all.

An awful lot of businesses won’t survive this. And the government will go deeply into debt trying to stop it. And for the foreseeable, no parties, church fetes, village celebrations. A lot of things will go and never come back. This is not a temporary change, even if they lift the lockdown in a few weeks.

They won’t. The official sources say ‘social isolation’ for at least a year.

Ah, well. I’ll keep posting, I suppose, but I won’t have anything to say. The occasional chicken picture, perhaps. We have provisioned so well ahead of time, I’m not sure when we’ll next leave the house.

You may do as you like in the comments. I know there are many more congenial places online to gather for a chat, but I would be honored if you jabbered away on my blog – about the virus or anything you please. I’m’a get very bored.

Have a good weekend! Some day we will say, where were you in the time of the plague? And you can say, shitposting on sweasel.com!

March 20, 2020 — 9:32 pm
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