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This is fun: Bird Song Opera. Holy shit, I know what everyone’s doing with their downtime: scraping YouTube. I can’t tell you how many videos got shared on my local Whatsapp today. (This one’s from Uncle B).

The bird in the picture is a robin. We’ve discussed this before: British robins are a completely different species than American ones.

The European robin is a beloved bird because it hangs around all Winter and is not very afraid of people. Hence, they’re often on Christmas cards.

Truth be told, they’re assholes. Highly aggressive and territorial with each other and not afraid of people because, well, they’re assholes. But they’re so little and cute nobody cares. They remind me of chickadees.

They hang around me in the garden because chicken food. One little bastard buzzed me from behind the other day and actually grazed my cheek. Adorable asshole.

April 2, 2020 — 7:24 pm
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