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Nice timing



There’s a huge arable field across the road just to the west of our house. It’s mainly used to grow animal fodder, something different every year.

This year it’s rapeseed.

We’re allergic to rapeseed.

Well, maybe not allergic allergic, but there are volatile oils in the crop that irritate some people and cause bronchitis-like symptoms. Also, it smells nasty. And looks ugly.

The prevailing wind blows right across the crop and into our front door. The main symptom? A ragged cough.

It’s all I could do getting through my shopping yesterday without having a hacking fit in front of strangers. THE faux pas in the time of Coronavirus.

Honestly, I’ve had so many lung issues this year, I’ll never know if I get the bug.

Except fever. I keep my eyes peeled for fever.


April 7, 2020 — 8:23 pm
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