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Not turning into Greta, I promise

Have you noticed the air is noticeably sweeter and the skies clearer? Do you like the silence? When you do go out and you’re about the only thing on the road, do you remember when it used to be like that all the time?

The Extinction Rebellion types are already saying, “see? We can do it if we try.” But I think the public reaction will be two-fold: now we have lived the way you want us to for a couple of months and it is not for us. And, gosh, have we let this island get severely overcrowded.

Yesterday they announced three more weeks of lockdown, taking us squarely into Weasel’s Birthday Month. It’s a landmark birthday this year, too. Oh, well…I guess I can stop worrying about how I’ll observe it.

Have a good weekend, everyone — where weekends are just days like any other.

p.s. no chicken pictures today. They hopped the fence and got into Uncle B’s vegetable patch and he is full sore.

April 17, 2020 — 6:59 pm
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