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Bunny season

Welly’s first bunny! Not this, this is a ten year old picture. I didn’t get a pic of today’s bunny, I was too busy bunny wrangling.

The boys didn’t seem to mind. They thought I was hunting with them.

Big boy killed one first. Not too much screaming or torture, so I didn’t interfere, but I’m sorry to say he didn’t eat it and it just lay in the grass giving the occasional post-mortem twitch.

Then Welly caught one. I think it got away from him – they were playing ball with it for a while. I grabbed someone’s bunny to rescue it and the little bastard fought like the devil to get away from me. Stupid bunny.

I don’t always interfere. I am at peace with the idea that cats are sadistic thugs. But I can’t have my peaceful garden experience tainted with the screaming and the running and the blood and the whole bunny murder thing.

I could see roughly where the nest was. Whenever I took a bunny away from Big Cat he’d shrug, go over to the bunny pile and grab another one.

Mrs Bunny made a very bad choice this spring.

Have a good weekend, everyone, and don’t bear your bunnies just any old where!

p.s. my Zoom call went better than expected. We had seven of us on at one time, and I was taken aback at how moved I was to see the old dears again.

April 24, 2020 — 7:17 pm
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