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Thanks, I hate it.

Well, I’m back. No, I didn’t actually go anywhere, smarty pants. I haven’t left this property in…I don’t want to think about it.

Some folks are doing fine in all of this. The game companies, for example. Steam keeps offering me nice deals on AAA games and I bet they’ve sold a bunch. So I finally bought one of the Metal Gear games.

I hate it.

I love stealth games where I get a sniper rifle and a decent scope (or, in Skyrim terms, bow and arrow) and position myself on a hill above the camp and pick targets off without ever getting spotted. Queen of the headshot, me. That is the bomb, as the kids say.

I hate stealth games where you sneak around inside an army camp bristling with soldiers and the moment you kick a gas canister or someone sees your boot, the alarm goes up and you’re screwed. Over and over and over again.

Players of Metal Gear will know that if you perform badly enough, you will be offered the opportunity to play a mission through wearing the humiliating Chicken Hat, which confers some protections.

But did you know if you really, really suck at it, you’re given a chance to play through wearing the Lil Chicken Hat?

May 11, 2020 — 8:13 pm
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