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Like a viking!



I bought a bottle of mead today. I have a vague memory I’ve tried mead before and really didn’t like it, but I was in a store! By myself! And I really wanted a treat, dammit.

That’s right – I left the house today. Had to pick up my prescriptions. (Side note: I’ll never pay for another one. Over 60s get their scrips for free here).

Then on to a farm shop. They made us go through separately. Big sign on the door and everything. Uncle B hissed at me when I walked up to him in store for the car keys.

We took a long drive in the country afterwards to charge the battery and air out our heads. The scenery was beautiful. I’ve never seem the fields and hedges so white with mayflower and hawthorn (and little white lambs).

And so little traffic! It bears out the idea we are a very overpopulated island. I wonder if people will remember that when this is over and it all surges back again.

I wonder what people will think of a lot of things when this is over.





May 13, 2020 — 8:14 pm
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