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Hi! Recognize me?

Durned asked for a happy ending, so here’s one. I happened to have the monitor on and looked up to see this tableau.

Yes, that’s a stoat. And that’s good old Jenny sitting on her dud eggs. After I ran screaming out to the henhouse and ran him off, I came back in and watched the recorded footage.

She had been fending him off for several minutes. He approached her from a couple of different angles and she puffed herself up and lunged at him. I am astonished that put him off. He would have moved in for the kill eventually, but she managed to buy enough time for a rescue.

Something like that happens and you think your chickens have a story and the story has a plot and the plot makes human sense. Then a few months later, a fox headbutts your nest box, your chicken is disappeared and the illusion shatters.

Hell. I just ruined the happy ending, didn’t I?

May 21, 2020 — 7:44 pm
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