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Elderly scholars LOVE this one weird trick…

Yes, it’s a talking hamburger. It’s from a neat program called Facerig that uses your webcam to replace your face on-stream with any of a number of 3D models. Live animated facial tracking. I bought it ages ago in the Steam sale for a lark.

I laughed my ass off for about ten minutes and then forgot about it.

Then I remembered it works with Zoom.

Oh, my weekly work meeting is going to be a hoot this week. Elderly British historians just LOVE talking hamburgers, amirite?

You wouldn’t believe the Rube Goldberg rig I have going to make it work, though. My ancient Logitech webcam was too fuzzy for facial tracking, so I had to hook up a GoPro and somehow tripod it directly in front of the computer (twopod, actually – there isn’t room for all three legs). I don’t even know if my mic is working and if I call Uncle B to test it I get wicked feedback because we’re in the same room.

It will work. I have faith. Because my job isn’t on thin enough ice as it is…

May 25, 2020 — 7:34 pm
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