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How did I miss this?!?

I regard myself as generally hip to all the groovy memes, so I don’t know how this one got past me. Opossum Lady has been on YouTube for ten years, but really blew up about a year ago.

The top hit for “Opossum Lady” is a short Best Of compilation of bits of her videos by someone else entirely, which is a little sad for her but worth watching to get a taste of the delights in store.

Her actual channel is here and every video I’ve watched so far was worth my time (a threshold not crossed by many Toobs).

Her website is devoted to her dead squirrel, Pearl, who dispenses advice from beyond the grave. She also has a Zazzle store. Pearl does.

The lady goes by Georgette Spelvin, a famous pseudonym from American theater history. All anyone knows is she’s a woman of a certain age who lives in Southern California and has a bunch of rescue squirrels and possums.

I cannot believe how she manhandles those possums. In my experience, possums are nasty, short-tempered and mean. And ugly. So, so ugly.

My mother was extremely good with animals and spent her childhood out in the sticks rescuing orphans and strays. She said the one animal she could never tame was a possum. She’d get it gentled down and then a loud noise would happen and it would bite down on her thumb, hard, and be a wild animal again.

Still, Georgette informs us you can’t get rabies from a possum: their body temperature is too low to host the virus. Enjoy!

May 26, 2020 — 6:58 pm
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