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Look what Uncle B growed me

I love an artichoke in drawn butter. Drawn garlic butter.

Oh, I’m hungry now. My lunch was disappointing. I tried making salmon croquettes for the first time and they tasted a lot salmonier than my mom’s, somehow.

Anyway, I’ve been amusing myself watching CHAZ come down in realtime. Or CHOP or CHOO CHOO or whatever that loose collection of trust fund babies, upstanding persons of color and hobos were calling themselves by the end. They sure showed us. Now we know a world without cops is possible, provided we’re willing to put up with six shootings, two fatal, in a four-block area over a three week period.

Though to be fair, it was much worse in Chicago, which has plenty of cops.

Somebody had Carl Reiner in the Dead Pool. Uncle Al says it’s somebody named Currently. I’ll confirm that when I queue up a new Dead Pool day after tomorrow.

July 1, 2020 — 7:39 pm
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