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Eh, I hope not

It looks like they may be about to mandate masks in shops here. That’s a problem.

Uncle B won’t wear one on principle. He thinks they are at best useless and at worst make an infected person get the nasty version of the bug by making him rebreathe his own tainted air. He’s got the articles to back it up, too.

Me, I’d be willing to wear one. I’ll do just about anything for a quiet life. But wearing a fabric mask sets off my gag reflex something wicked. I’ve experimented with all kinds as a cyclist – chugging air in Winter cold is a misery – and I haven’t found one I can stand. Something about warm, moist air just…ugh.

If they make a rule, we’ll have to go back to deep lockdown conditions.

I’ve seen some wild videos of people who refuse to wear masks to the point of grievous bodily harm. A bus driver in Spain(?) got mobbed by passengers to death. I don’t really understand getting that passionate about it, either.

Won’t anyone think of lazy, apathetic weasels?

Good weekend, everyone!

July 10, 2020 — 8:06 pm
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