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Millions de Douches en France

Remember I said we could see France yesterday? Well, the atmospherics must have been perfect. For the first time ever, we picked up a bunch of French TV channels last night, as evidenced by the fuzzy screenshot. We spent a happy hour laughing at the frogs.

Yes, yes…’douche’ means ‘shower’ en Français. That wasn’t the funny part — Head and Shoulders is called Head and Shoulders, but they pronounce it ‘Ed and Sholdères. I laughed.

Between us, we had just enough French to pick up the gist, provided they were speaking slowly enough. Which means the cartoon we watched was hopeless, but we did better with the true crime program Autopsie d’une Injustice.

The really striking thing were the ads, though. There were white people in them. Lots of them!

UK advertisers have signed on to some kind of industry pact vowing to up non-white representation, which they’ve done with a vengeance. Culminating this year, when ad breaks are full of absurd levels of BAMEs. Way, way out of proportion to the actual demographics of Britain.

I tried to find an article about the advertisers self-consciously doing this, and all I found was an industry article whining that BAME representation was at an all-time high, but advertising agencies were still 95% white. Heh.

Anyway, nothing good happens when a white woman from Tennessee talks about race, so I shall leave it there.

Eventually, the…ionosphere, or whatever sciencey thing controls TV signals, shifted and we lost all those new channels. Au revoir to our new French chums.

Back here tomorrow. Six WBT. Dead Pool 132.

July 30, 2020 — 7:29 pm
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