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The language of love…

I knew a Russian woman who told me that English and German sound so similar to her, she was surprised we couldn’t understand each other.

I can almost get my head around “Mit 2 Keramiknäpfen.”

If I keep buying pet products over here, I’m bound to learn another language. In which I will be able to converse fluently, as long as the topic is “tuna with white fish” or “two ceramic bowls.” I dunno why pet product in particular are multilingual on the box.

That’s been a permanent change wrought by covid, anyway: buying catfood in bulk off the internet. Much cheaper, awesome selection and it gets to me in days. The only drag is getting rid of the packaging.

I usually try to do that right away, but Welly is enjoying the big cardboard box too much.

September 1, 2020 — 7:21 pm
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