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Uncle B found this: it’s a tool that lets you explore a few Welsh neolithic tombs in 3D.

I’m still watching videos from the Prehistory Guys. I’m fascinated. Not only are there a thousand stone circles in Britain (that’s right now, still standing, when we know most have been ploughed up or incorporated in other buildings), but apparently there are thousands more in France and Spain.

I had no idea. This makes it sound as though every community had one. Like it was the village church, community hall and sports club. There is evidence of burials in some, there is evidence of feasting in others (notably Stonehenge).

As for the sport idea, that’s just spitballing, but it makes sense. Many of the circles had a raised bank all around them, as if for spectators (most of these have been ploughed away). All sorts of things might have taken place in a henge.

I can’t recommend these guys enough. On the one hand, they laugh at the tendency of professional archaeologists (they aren’t) to see everything they don’t understand as having a religious purpose. On the other, they refuse to entertain any kind of woo-woo at all.

My interest in neolithic archaeology has been dampened for many years by my scorn for larping modern ‘Druids’.

Sorry I’m late. I was under a cat.

September 15, 2020 — 10:16 pm
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