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No, I didn’t turn the tap on

If you look in the shiny chrome spout, you can see me! Real small! Taking the picture!

Do you remember the old Ebay reflection thing? Some years ago, people started to notice Ebay listings of shiny things – things like kettles and glasses and televisions – often showed the reflection of the photographer. Buck nekkid.

These got published on lists of “accidental” nudity, but it happened so regularly that the Internet ultimately decided it was a kink.

Seriously, who lists a second hand kettle for sale? And then takes a picture of it in the nude?

I won’t link to specifics, but if you do an images search of ebay photo nude reflection you can see lots tiny images of ugly naked people reflected in cheap tat. Because I’m sure you want to do that.

It’s the weekend! w00t!

March 5, 2021 — 8:26 pm
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