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As I cycled into work yesterday, I saw a young fox dead on the shoulder. Poor thing. I took a pic with my phone and thought, “I’ll post about that later.”

And then I got home and thought, “what the HELL is the matter with me that I would CONSIDER posting a picture of roadkill to my blog?!”

My brain is ruin’t.

So look at my coffee cup instead. I got it on Ebay. If you don’t recognize the logo, it’s Traitor’s Gate. Meaning this object is from the House of Commons.

I will be devastated if it turns out there’s a gift shop they sell these in, because I do so want to believe somebody pinched this from the canteen.

p.s. Don’t even ask what I think about the Meghan and Harry thing. I’m only physically capable of so much cringe before I sprain something.

March 9, 2021 — 8:48 pm
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